Speech Power By Moshe at ilovetorah.com 16 Tamuz 5762

††††††††††† Person xyz will use 6,876,456,432 words while in this world.

††††††††††† Person abc will use 8,432,456 words while in this world.

††††††††††† How great is speech? Chazal teach us that we are given a certain amount of words we will say while in our bodies. It is our task to think first before we speak so that each word is not wasted.

††††††††††† If only we understood the power of speech and how much it effects us. Rebbe Nachman teaches that proper speech and purity are synonymous. People are so strict about kashrus, to make sure that everything that goes into their mouth is perfect but yet they let whatever pops into their head come flying out of their mouth. If you want to be holy, you must take special care that what you say is worth Hashem hearing. Loshon hara is a very grave sin and lowers a personís madreiga (level). Talking about Torah on the other hand elevates a person and his speech.

Even in our normal everyday speech there can be clothed thoughts of emunah (faith) and yiras shamyim. We see this great level in many special Tzaddikim. What might seem like an unimportant conversation is really a deep lesson filled with some of the highest concepts in Judaism. An example of this is with Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. He once said to R. Aharon, the Rav of Breslov, ďI love you very much indeed, and my blessing to you is that in the next world you should be worthy of understanding my everyday conversation.Ē[1]

One way to purify our speech is through hisbodidus (meditation prayers, see writings on this on my site). The very words of hisbodidus elevate our entire being. When we pray, we reconnect our mouths to their source (in Malkut). This is why when we pray properly our heart burns with fire.

Do you know why there is little Ruach Hakodesh, divine spirit today? It is because we do not weigh our words properly. We donít have an appreciation and an understanding of the power of speech. Have you ever heard a recording of yourself during a conversation? How many words would you take back and reuse, if only you could?

When two friends come together, why is it so rare that they exchange words of Torah? If we can say hello and discuss what we are doing in our life then we should also repeat words of holiness. It is our responsibility to do so. If you are shy, then ask your friend if they learned anything interesting lately. It is a grave error for two holy souls to come together and not say a word of holiness.††

††††††††††† Sometimes speaking can calm a personís mind. This is a good type of talk if it is in order to rejuvenate you. If you talk just for the sake of talking though, it is better you are silent. Speech can take us forward or backwards spiritually in only moments. It has the ability to destroy or build. When you say something negative about any person, you can draw judgment upon that person and yourself. If you say something positive or bless someone you can draw merit upon him or her. A person cannot reach high levels of prayer if before they pray they have no control over their speech. By sanctifying our speech through talking more about Torah and faith in Hashem, we will automatically purify ourselves.† Every word we utter is gone and lost thereafter; let us make sure we will have no regrets in the next world.†

[1] Tzaddik, (Breslov Research Institute Publishers)


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